How to Overcome Common Summer Challenges


By: Bob Windsheimer, Vice President

The beginning of summer is now upon us, and as turf managers, it is time to take a breath and see how we get through this point of the year. 

Many managers are done with grassy weed preventions and now planning for surface feeding insects and grub control applications. For those who are in a battle with annual bluegrass weevil, you are into your second adulticide application. For chinch bugs and webworms, the time is coming quickly, and should be based upon scouting and growing degree days to ensure success. The timing of grub control is based upon the product used: for Acelepryn – applications need to be made in May, for Merit, Aloft, and Arena – applications can be made now until July (check the label rates).

As for weed control – make sure you choose the product that is best suited to control the weed present. Trying to control crabgrass with a conventional three-way herbicide does nothing but waste time and money. Correct weed identification is a must, as it eliminates guessing and matches the best control method to the issue. As weed breakthrough is common, keep a good rescue weed control on hand. This is a product that controls both crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. Always read product labels for proper rates and to select the correct adjuvant when spraying herbicides. 

May and June are the perfect time to apply fertilizer as this is prior to the onset of summer stress. Choose the product that maximizes your application timing. If you are looking to only apply once this summer – apply a product that contains a long-term controlled release nitrogen source. If you are in need of soil modification, consider products that combine several products into one. There are many options on the market that save application time, which also saves money.

Be prepared and focus on the items that are at hand. During this time of year, it is easy to lose track of time!