Preparing for Summer


By: Bob Windsheimer, Vice President

Whether you maintain golf greens or soccer pitches, spring aerification and soil modification events are complete, so it is time to start implementing a program to mitigate summer stress. 

Most stresses first stem from the soil, whether poor draining or low in plant available nutrients.  Both of these events can be managed through properly timed applications.  Now is the best time to start these applications as prolonged stresses have not yet occurred, but are imminent.

For water management, you must know how your soils respond to irrigation events as this dictates your choice of surfactant type and frequency of application.  As for fertility, be sure to begin with soil testing.  Once the results are analyzed, a program is made based on facts, eliminating assumptions and maximizing money spent.  A series of well-timed, granular applications during the summer will fix deficiencies, manage poor irrigation water, and form a basis for NPK applications throughout the year. The remainder of applications will be spray-applied, offering maximum control of nutrients. 

The key for a successful summer season is stacking the cards in your favor, and that process must start now.  A strong turf minimizes poor playability and offers quick response from stresses.

Contact your Territory Manager today to develop an efficient and effective plan of action for this summer!