Weed ID: Know What You're Up Against!

Knowing the type of weed growing will help you develop a more effective treatment plan. Here are a few common weeds in our area and some tips on how to identify them. A WSI Territory Manager can also help you identify and treat any pesky weed!


  • Bunch-type perennial grass weed that forms light green clumps.
  • Leaves have folded vernation and are wide (¼ to ½ inch), light green, and pointed at the tip.
  • Sheaths are strongly compressed and flattened.
  • Other features include long, membranous ligule and the open-panicle seedheads.


  • Perennial grass that grows more erect than orchardgrass and produces rhizomes.
  • Leaves are rolled.
  • A clasping auricle is present on the blades.
  • Ligule is much smaller than orchardgrass.




    • Summer annual grass with wide (greater than ½ inch) leaves and sheaths that lie close to the ground.
    • Seeds germinate later than crabgrass seeds, and plants do not tolerate low mowing heights.
    • No ligule or auricles.
    • The seedhead is composed of compact spikes arising at several locations on the main stalk.