President's Message: My, how a year flies by!

1 year anniversary.jpeg

It is hard to believe that it has been over a year since Walker Supply, Inc. (based out of Pittsburgh) acquired three Pennsylvania locations from Turf Trade, a New Jersey based supplier. I felt that it would be appropriate to provide an update on the progress of this historic event for Walker Supply.

Walker Supply is proud to have earned and maintained a strong reputation of customer service throughout their 27 years in business. We’ve made the commitment to invest in our people through training to ensure that our customers have the most knowledgeable representatives available. We also work hard at creating partnerships with our customers for mutual benefit.

The acquisition has been very positive for our organization. For starters, it created a larger footprint for WSI, enabling us to now cover the entire state of Pennsylvania. Also, multiple facilities ensure a broader product selection and better availability of needed materials for our customers. The addition of these locations also included several employees. Fortunately, these employees are very customer focused naturally and fit well within the Walker Supply culture.

A few of the challenges that we have faced include: lack of coverage in various markets and geographic areas, large inventory with slow moving and/or redundant products, and logistics issues.  We have worked to overcome these challenges by:

  • Expanding our team to provide better coverage in underserved areas.
  • Analyzing the product list from all facilities thoroughly, and reducing the number of materials (SKU’s) as a result. We’ve carefully eliminated redundant products and minimized those that do not sell consistently.
  • Actively pursuing new trucking and delivery options. This is a big issue we are working diligently to strengthen. The trucking industry has their own set of challenges that have sharply escalated costs. This unfortunately affects everyone along the supply chain, but we will continue to work to improve your delivery experience and expense.

We are very appreciative of the ongoing support of our customers, both old and new! We will continue to work diligently to earn your lifelong partnership through consultative recommendations, excellent product knowledge, and superior service to attain your desired results. You are our family, and we are honored to work along side you.

It has been a great first year, and we look forward to many, many more!

Thank you!
Keith Perl, President
Walker Supply, Inc.