Why are the Chlorothalonil prices going up?


By: Keith Perl, President

Chlorothalonil, the organic compound primarily used as a broad spectrum, nonsystemic fungicide, has experienced a number of market pressures for a few years now  Unfortunately, these pressures don’t seem to be easing off anytime soon.

So why are the Chlorothalonil prices going up?

  1. A major production facility in China that burned down a couple years ago has yet to come back online.
  2. Tightening environmental regulations in China are causing other production facilities to relocate or close their operations completely.
  3. Hurricane Harvey heavily damaged a US production facility in Houston, TX this past August (2017).
  4. Heavy succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors (SDHI) resistance in Brazil and Europe has placed tremendous pressure on supply.

So, it’s the age-old principle of supply and demand in action! Chlorothalonil has had a number of factors reducing supply world wide, while demand remains high. This imbalance is felt at each step in the supply chain thereafter, and ultimately taking a hit on your budget.